Monday, 16 September 2013

Newlook from summer to Autumn

At the moment I am really missing summer, this british weather has now turned dreadful and nasty. There hasn't been one day in which it hasn't rained this week, apart from today (at least I hope it won't rain) So today I am craving to wear shorts and some really cool T-Shirts although, daren't go outside as it will be far to cold, I presume. So I wanted to dedicate some of this post to the sunshine weather from the new look range.

Here is some autumn monochrome looks that are really cute. I am really liking the monochrome range , which is a good look for interviews and more formal events, as they are black and white then you may be able to get away with some of the bags and jackets if your school is rather strict with uniform.  This is all avaliable from new look.