Thursday, 19 September 2013

Last night Dinner/Cinema Outfit

Yesterday I had a lovely date with my boyfriend going to the cinema (which we haven't done in ages!) to watch Insidious 2. ( Amazing film) It took me forever to decide what to wear. I wanted to look casual to go into town yet cute and pretty to impress my boyfriend which I doubt happens often as I live with him. After the cinema we went to dinner with his family so it had to be suitable for a buffet which was so yummy.

After going through so many outfits I decided on this one, the black skater dress I felt made me look slim (whereas my pink one made me look like my bum sticked out, which is weird as my bum in tiny and preferably I would like a bigger one). It also makes my waist looks smaller, as I have to be careful as I have big boobs if anything doesn't come in I look like a mammoth!  The cut of the dress is perfect as it doesn't show to much cleavage off just a little and enough for people to believe that you are over the age of 15! (I lost my ID and insidious is a 15, I'm 18 though).

Black is also a slimming colour and I was having a fat day, a real fat day, first day of the month, girls you know what I'm talking about, so I needed something comfy and this was comfy the stretchy material stretched over my boobs which is good and sits in on my waist and flares out! If any apple shaped bodies want something which hide your belly this  is a good style, also good if you want to make your waist look smaller!

What I also loved about this outfit was my knee high socks, I think they are so cute at the moment and I can't get enough of them! Also if I had one of them bowler hats I would so wear one with this, I keep going on about them bowler hats I just love them.

What I'm wearing 

My skater dress I got from Minx a little store where I used to live but now has closed down but you can get skater dresses at, pilot, republic, Literally everywhere does them.

My socks - I honestly have no idea!

Shoes £6 Tesco - bargain.

I also wore my Leather Jacket £52 Missselfridge and my bag £20 Newlook

 p.s my boyfriend decided to jump in the photo!

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Lots Of Love
Naddie XxX

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