Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Dress - Made In Preston

To start off I would like to start by saying over the next few months I would like to review a few things I have tried to get a summer body by September as I am going to Greece, this includes Bio-oil, pills, make-up, moisturiser, fashion and more.

For those who have a voluptuous upper half, and not anywhere else apart from little bits that need to lose a few inches and tone up, as I am top heavy. Many people crave bigger boobs but for us 'lucky ladys' we are not that lucky.

It's incredibly hard to find dresses, bikinis and tops that fit properly. Personally I have to buy things in a stretchy material so it will stretch over my lady lumps and come in around my waist.

One of my favourite purchases was Made In Preston's Aztec Skater Dress.

I have had skater dresses before as you can see in my other posts but they have never fitted as well as this one. It comes in exactly where it is supposed to and has enough waist room. I am wearing a Size 8 Fab. The way that it decides what size you are is on your bra size and your high street size. It is very unique and a great way to get the exact size to fit. 

The dress itself is very summery and great for going around town or the park. I wore mine to a date with my boyfriend and felt super comfortable in it. It's very floaty like most skater dresses and on a breezy summer evening you may have a Marilyn Monroe moment, if you know what I mean. However most skater dresses do this. 

I wear mine with some cute sandals, pumps, or even trainers and a denim jacket. 

It has a cute blue and yellow aztec pattern across it which is in the high street fashion for young women ( Teens-Mid twenties ). The material itself is stretchy so you can fit into it without a need for a zip. It is also a racer back which means for me my bra straps showed as I don't have a racer back bra. However I do really like racer backs and think they are very flattering. I'm not to sure if a non-racer would have been better.

I found this dress very flattering and anyone who is smaller with a much larger bust! You need to go to this store it is a life saver. 

It is completely aimed at people my own age (19) Not the normal older ladies; which is something that really annoys me why do people think people with big boobs are much older, I would like to wear a plunge bikinis like everyone else my age not full support bikinis aimed at people in their 40's. I will save this for another blog post about my search for a fun, sexy bikini for a late teen/20 year olds. 

It goes from a size 6-16 so all of the normal high street sizes

So get to 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Animal Cruelty from a fashion lovers point of view

It's been a while since I have posted. Unfortunately I have been really busy with university work, gym and work. However I have got a few new clothes which I would love you to see when I get some pictures but on this post I wanted to focus on Animal Cruelty with in fashion. For those of you how aren't that interested in fashion may think that us fashion addicts are shallow, self absorbed and don't care about animal cruelty. I am writing this to prove this wrong and to also inform other fashionista's about animal cruelty if they aren't already aware.

About a month ago I bought my gorgeous little angora bunny (named him bugsy) and he is my little bundle beloved ball of fluff and joy.

However since getting him I have realised how many shops stock angora fur and recently in the media eye is the shocking story of how they get the fur off of the bunnies. I will not post the pictures because I was personally distressed and brought to tears and unable to read the story but if you would like to read it, it is in the daily mail.

It's not since having a bunny I have been interested in animal cruelty. I had been a vegetarian and have never worn leather or real fur. I always find animal cruelty stories deeply upsetting and I believe that the fashion and the beauty industry should make a stand. There have been various shops which have now stopped stocking angora fur. (topshop, new look, asos, h&m and some more) However there are many store which still stock angora fur. Beauty shops which are vegan are Lush, body shop and Boots no 7 range.

Go to for more information.

I created this poster with the image of my baby bugsy and hope that all of you fashionista (or non) bloggers will copy this image to help stop shops from stocking angora goods. 

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sweat like a pig and look like a fox

 So I have put together a little wish list of fitness clothing that I would like. So you can sweat like a pig and look like a fox at the same time. Sorry I haven't done anything fancie on this post on my iPad and no adobe suite.

First of All trainers

These trainers are so cute I love the pink and comes at a good price 29.99 at sports world.

I also really like these ones I prefer the shape but the pink looks more orange than pink. 
£32.00 sports world 

To run you need a good sports bra especially if you are top heavy like me or DD and above the bra above is £30 from shock absorber it's expensive but goes up to HH. For me sports was always hard cause I found that my chest hurt and that other sports bras didn't support me much but I have this one and it is great in have the yellow and blue one which I got in the sale but this ones much prettier. I would highly recommend shock absorber. 
This one is also a bit prettier at the same price as the previous one.

 This is £7 from sports world and I doubt that it would be very supportive especially for bigger boobs however it is pretty and if you got a nice flat stomach which hopefully one day I will have then you could wear this over the top of your sports bra to make it prettier or for extra support and warmth.

I also like this vest would look like it would flatter you rather than wearing lose fitting clothes which makes you look bigger this is  only £7 from sports world and the make is puma. 

I like this vest it's a racer back which I love and I like the slogan, yes I am one for slogans. £11 from sports world. 

I think the the nike shorts are cute if you have nice skinny legs so by Christmas I would like to be working out in some of these £11

These are £12 and not to pink or else you will look like a pink marshmallow but these look as though they will be slimming. 

Also to add TU clothing at sainsburys is having 25 % off and they have some fitness stuff if you want to check there. 

 This is hopefully the plan I will be doing next week alongside Zumba let me know if your trying to get fit for Christmas and complete your New Years resolution before it's too late and we can give each other support.


Friday, 18 October 2013

Get the Look - Lea Michele

Todays post I wanted to do a get the look outfit inspired by Lea Michele who has undoubtedly blossomed since the first season of Glee. This outfit was featured in one of the latest series of glee in which she sings 'Don't Speak'.

Since the first season of glee her style as Rachel Berry, has completely transformed and is now one of my style icons. I also see her as an Icon for young girls as an inspiration. She is strong and independent and very beautiful.

This look is a tailored outfit which will look good going out for a date, going out in the town, or even to an interview. It's multipurpose and you can combine these to make different outfits easily. The white blazer is an essential and will pull together any kind of outfit, such as jeans and some cute heels.

I would also like to celeberate the new series of glee, but also pay my respects to Cory Monteith who passed earlier this year. I would also like to pay my respects to Lea and the rest of the Glee cast, and friends/family of Mr Monteith.

If you liked this post and want more of Lea's styles go to who has amazing posts on her style.

Comment or Tweet me your opinions on this outfit.


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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Knitwear must haves and wish list

So I really really want some nice think cosey jumpers which I can snuggle up in during university with a cool laid back snuggly cute look. Its mostly cardigans that I want as I have a few jumpers. I thought of this post as I was getting ready for university - which tomorrow I will upload my outfit from today on. I was wearing my cut out dress from misguided, leggings, uggs and my hollister jumper. Now I wasn't to sure if the Hollister jumper would go with it but surprisingly looked quite cute and snuggly. It was perfect for this sort of weather however, my only problem with jumpers is that you have to pull them off over your head messing up your hair, or it you were wearing a hat like me then its effort to pull it on and off all the time.

I am also completely out of money and at the moment not going to be buying clothes as I am going to wait until I lose a few pounds but I am loving the black and white aztec print on the missguided cardigan.

Heres a quick sneak peak at a selfie in my jumper.

Look at my blog tomorrow to have a look at what I wore today and where to get the look from! and How to look cute and comfy.

Are you loving the knitwear this season? What do you love and how would you wear it?? Would love to hear your comments and your style!!


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Monday, 30 September 2013


As my blog is about fashion as my life as a student I thought I would share my first day at university with you all.

So here is my first ever outfit of my day at university. I would like to apologise for the quality of the picture and the mess that my room is in. (you can probably guess that I was in a bit of a rush this morning)

So I am wearing my beloved skater dress again. (I have worn it in a previous post which can be viewed here ). However I have styled it different, I'm not to sure if you can see but I have styled it with a tan belt which I got in the sale from primark. I also got the brogues and socks from primark.

So I have included some of the pictures I took when I first got them and as you can see they are taken on a much better camera than my phone. 

Also as part of my uni essentials post, which you can see here, my essential items including brogues, hat and a satchel is included in this outfit. I can now say I have got my essential uni items I posted about  however for a much better price than listed on that post

Hat £12 H&M
Skater Dress - Unsure Minx
Belt £1 Primark 
Socks £2.50 Primark
Brogues £10 Primark
Satchel £12.99 Peacocks.

I think I did well in primark, if you have one, you have no excuse not to get my essential items list! 
If you do try this look please let me know in the comments or over twitter I would love to see them.

Or if you just love this outfit or don't love it let me know

Lots of Love

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Over Thursday and Friday I went to an amazing conference up in London for graphic designers. It was really inspirational and I met some of my class mates in university which I am starting on Monday so it was great to meet someone on that course.

I would just like to say the AGI conference was amazing and thank you to all the talented Graphic Designers who spent time talking to us and giving inspirational speeches - Jeremy Leslie speech about his obsessions for magazines really spoke out to me and made me realise how much I would love to work in a fashion magazine.

My outfit I wanted to be very stylish as I was going up into london but something comfy aswell so I put together two outfits which I love.

However Day 1 outfit, I don't have any pictures off as I had to get my mum to take my pictures so I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I have edited them to make them a bit better.

 So I absolutely adore this look as it is completely different to how I normally dress, if you may have seen before I'm very chic and live in dresses as I am very girly and I feel this look is very androgynous and a bit masculine for my taste however, the jacket is fitted so emphasises my curves and I have accessorised it with more feminine touches such as having my hair down.

The Jacket is a lovely fit and I got it from Samanthas, a little shop up in colchester I'm not to sure if there are any other Samanthas around, but I just fell inlove with it. I got it for £8 reduced from £16 total bargain. The stripes are slimming and I think it makes it look a bit more exciting than a plain black or white blazer.

This bag is so cute I got it from newlook for £20 and I adore it, you can never go wrong with having a black bag, it is an essential and everyone of you should have one! 

On my hand you can see my bangels which I got from republic/USC for £1.50 I really like studs so thought that this would be very cute and it's black you can wear it with most things. What I also like about them is that they are studded which gives a rock chic look aswell as them being pretty and feminine as bangles are. On my finger is a ring my boyfriend got my for our 1 year anniversary I never take it off!!

My outfit 
Hat £12 H&M
Blazer £8 Samantha's
Top £1.50 Primark
Leggings £12 Miss Selfridge
Military Boots £15 Newlook
Bag £20 Newlook
Bangles £1.50 USC/Republic

P.S if you have read my other posts - I FINALLY GOT MY HAT WOOHOO!!!!!

Please feel free to leave comments I love reading them and hearing what you all think about my outfits

Lots of Love