Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sweat like a pig and look like a fox

 So I have put together a little wish list of fitness clothing that I would like. So you can sweat like a pig and look like a fox at the same time. Sorry I haven't done anything fancie on this post on my iPad and no adobe suite.

First of All trainers

These trainers are so cute I love the pink and comes at a good price 29.99 at sports world.

I also really like these ones I prefer the shape but the pink looks more orange than pink. 
£32.00 sports world 

To run you need a good sports bra especially if you are top heavy like me or DD and above the bra above is £30 from shock absorber it's expensive but goes up to HH. For me sports was always hard cause I found that my chest hurt and that other sports bras didn't support me much but I have this one and it is great in have the yellow and blue one which I got in the sale but this ones much prettier. I would highly recommend shock absorber. 
This one is also a bit prettier at the same price as the previous one.

 This is £7 from sports world and I doubt that it would be very supportive especially for bigger boobs however it is pretty and if you got a nice flat stomach which hopefully one day I will have then you could wear this over the top of your sports bra to make it prettier or for extra support and warmth.

I also like this vest would look like it would flatter you rather than wearing lose fitting clothes which makes you look bigger this is  only £7 from sports world and the make is puma. 

I like this vest it's a racer back which I love and I like the slogan, yes I am one for slogans. £11 from sports world. 

I think the the nike shorts are cute if you have nice skinny legs so by Christmas I would like to be working out in some of these £11

These are £12 and not to pink or else you will look like a pink marshmallow but these look as though they will be slimming. 

Also to add TU clothing at sainsburys is having 25 % off and they have some fitness stuff if you want to check there. 

 This is hopefully the plan I will be doing next week alongside Zumba let me know if your trying to get fit for Christmas and complete your New Years resolution before it's too late and we can give each other support.


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