Saturday, 28 September 2013


Over Thursday and Friday I went to an amazing conference up in London for graphic designers. It was really inspirational and I met some of my class mates in university which I am starting on Monday so it was great to meet someone on that course.

I would just like to say the AGI conference was amazing and thank you to all the talented Graphic Designers who spent time talking to us and giving inspirational speeches - Jeremy Leslie speech about his obsessions for magazines really spoke out to me and made me realise how much I would love to work in a fashion magazine.

My outfit I wanted to be very stylish as I was going up into london but something comfy aswell so I put together two outfits which I love.

However Day 1 outfit, I don't have any pictures off as I had to get my mum to take my pictures so I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I have edited them to make them a bit better.

 So I absolutely adore this look as it is completely different to how I normally dress, if you may have seen before I'm very chic and live in dresses as I am very girly and I feel this look is very androgynous and a bit masculine for my taste however, the jacket is fitted so emphasises my curves and I have accessorised it with more feminine touches such as having my hair down.

The Jacket is a lovely fit and I got it from Samanthas, a little shop up in colchester I'm not to sure if there are any other Samanthas around, but I just fell inlove with it. I got it for £8 reduced from £16 total bargain. The stripes are slimming and I think it makes it look a bit more exciting than a plain black or white blazer.

This bag is so cute I got it from newlook for £20 and I adore it, you can never go wrong with having a black bag, it is an essential and everyone of you should have one! 

On my hand you can see my bangels which I got from republic/USC for £1.50 I really like studs so thought that this would be very cute and it's black you can wear it with most things. What I also like about them is that they are studded which gives a rock chic look aswell as them being pretty and feminine as bangles are. On my finger is a ring my boyfriend got my for our 1 year anniversary I never take it off!!

My outfit 
Hat £12 H&M
Blazer £8 Samantha's
Top £1.50 Primark
Leggings £12 Miss Selfridge
Military Boots £15 Newlook
Bag £20 Newlook
Bangles £1.50 USC/Republic

P.S if you have read my other posts - I FINALLY GOT MY HAT WOOHOO!!!!!

Please feel free to leave comments I love reading them and hearing what you all think about my outfits

Lots of Love

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