Monday, 30 September 2013


As my blog is about fashion as my life as a student I thought I would share my first day at university with you all.

So here is my first ever outfit of my day at university. I would like to apologise for the quality of the picture and the mess that my room is in. (you can probably guess that I was in a bit of a rush this morning)

So I am wearing my beloved skater dress again. (I have worn it in a previous post which can be viewed here ). However I have styled it different, I'm not to sure if you can see but I have styled it with a tan belt which I got in the sale from primark. I also got the brogues and socks from primark.

So I have included some of the pictures I took when I first got them and as you can see they are taken on a much better camera than my phone. 

Also as part of my uni essentials post, which you can see here, my essential items including brogues, hat and a satchel is included in this outfit. I can now say I have got my essential uni items I posted about  however for a much better price than listed on that post

Hat £12 H&M
Skater Dress - Unsure Minx
Belt £1 Primark 
Socks £2.50 Primark
Brogues £10 Primark
Satchel £12.99 Peacocks.

I think I did well in primark, if you have one, you have no excuse not to get my essential items list! 
If you do try this look please let me know in the comments or over twitter I would love to see them.

Or if you just love this outfit or don't love it let me know

Lots of Love

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Over Thursday and Friday I went to an amazing conference up in London for graphic designers. It was really inspirational and I met some of my class mates in university which I am starting on Monday so it was great to meet someone on that course.

I would just like to say the AGI conference was amazing and thank you to all the talented Graphic Designers who spent time talking to us and giving inspirational speeches - Jeremy Leslie speech about his obsessions for magazines really spoke out to me and made me realise how much I would love to work in a fashion magazine.

My outfit I wanted to be very stylish as I was going up into london but something comfy aswell so I put together two outfits which I love.

However Day 1 outfit, I don't have any pictures off as I had to get my mum to take my pictures so I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I have edited them to make them a bit better.

 So I absolutely adore this look as it is completely different to how I normally dress, if you may have seen before I'm very chic and live in dresses as I am very girly and I feel this look is very androgynous and a bit masculine for my taste however, the jacket is fitted so emphasises my curves and I have accessorised it with more feminine touches such as having my hair down.

The Jacket is a lovely fit and I got it from Samanthas, a little shop up in colchester I'm not to sure if there are any other Samanthas around, but I just fell inlove with it. I got it for £8 reduced from £16 total bargain. The stripes are slimming and I think it makes it look a bit more exciting than a plain black or white blazer.

This bag is so cute I got it from newlook for £20 and I adore it, you can never go wrong with having a black bag, it is an essential and everyone of you should have one! 

On my hand you can see my bangels which I got from republic/USC for £1.50 I really like studs so thought that this would be very cute and it's black you can wear it with most things. What I also like about them is that they are studded which gives a rock chic look aswell as them being pretty and feminine as bangles are. On my finger is a ring my boyfriend got my for our 1 year anniversary I never take it off!!

My outfit 
Hat £12 H&M
Blazer £8 Samantha's
Top £1.50 Primark
Leggings £12 Miss Selfridge
Military Boots £15 Newlook
Bag £20 Newlook
Bangles £1.50 USC/Republic

P.S if you have read my other posts - I FINALLY GOT MY HAT WOOHOO!!!!!

Please feel free to leave comments I love reading them and hearing what you all think about my outfits

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


This is going to be a rant a full blown rant about ASDA! This is not my conventional fashion blog post just something which I believe is wrong! So this is not really about fashion maybe a little cause its fancy dress but mostly about how stupid and idiotic and distasteful Asda has been.

 Many of you may have heard about ASDA's Fancy Dress Costume - which has now been taken off the website but here is a screen shot of what they have put on there website.

It is absolutely disgusting this stereotype and in the 21st Century you would think that companies should be a bit more sensitive to this issue which 1 in 4 people have. It repels me to even think what was going on in there mind. The sheer disgust by customers and celebrities about this issue has been shown on twitter. After studying Mental Health for my A2 representations media case study and know people with mental issues, I have empathy for these people and a representation such as this is absolutely disgusting. I have also signed up to the charity of mind and pledged to stop discrimination against mental illness and seeing something like this is a regressive stereotype where as we should be moving forward about mental health and talking about it.

Something like this is shocking, so well done ASDA you may have pushed people over the edge. You may have also stopped some people from coming out about having a mental problem, as what they see is how your representing the mentally ill signifies that mentally ill people are all creeps, emotionally disturbed, to be feared and that they will come to kill you. Wow Asda just wow.

It's not just the photo or the costume, its also the degrading tone about mental illness. It just sickens me to think that companies with influence like this are posting such comments and promoting this anti-mental illness.

If anyone is struggling with there mental health there are people that care

Asda have apologised and said that this product is unacceptable but this does not stop the hurt that it may have caused nor stopped the stereotypes of mental illness only increased this and showed it in there stores.

Asda's view of mental illness appears to be very narrow minded and most people are not scared about mental illness and it is NOT something which should be FEARED or ALIENATE those with mental illness.



Monday, 23 September 2013

Liebster Award

So today I woke up and checked my blog to be awarded as as a nominee for a Liebster award, I was so excited! I started my blog on the 13th September 2013, I would never have thought someone would like my blog enough to nominate me so I would like to thank the beautiful Kerry from Kerry's habitat for nominating me

11 Random Facts
I really want a guinea pig or a lionhead rabbit
I am double jointed and my shoulders pop out of place
I love cats, photography, fashion, beauty and my mac
I also love my boyfriend who I have been with for over 2 years
I am about to attend university
I am an Essex girl
I always wear a ring that my boyfriend got me on our 1 year anniversary
I love love love pink
I have my ears, belly and nose pierced
I rent my own flat with my boyfriend
I watch biggest loser and I sometimes run along with them pretending I'm in it, hit the gym and have the voice of jillian shouting in my ear RUN!

Here are the nominations 

and here are the questions for my nominees
1) If you could live anywhere where would it be?
2) Cats or Dogs?
3) Who is your fashion icon?
4) Do you agree with the famous Kate Moss statement 'nothing tastes better than skinny feels' if you disagree what food tastes nicer?
5) What is your favourite hobby besides blogging?
6) Have you got an inspirational blogger who you look up to, if so who?
7) Day or Night?
8) Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
9) Would you ever walk out the house in sweat pants (besides going gym and jogging) or go out without any make up on?
10) Celebrity male crush 
11) Do you have any piercings if so where?

Thank you again Kerry.

Lots Of Love

Friday, 20 September 2013


NewLook Autumn Fashion *

All available from
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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Last night Dinner/Cinema Outfit

Yesterday I had a lovely date with my boyfriend going to the cinema (which we haven't done in ages!) to watch Insidious 2. ( Amazing film) It took me forever to decide what to wear. I wanted to look casual to go into town yet cute and pretty to impress my boyfriend which I doubt happens often as I live with him. After the cinema we went to dinner with his family so it had to be suitable for a buffet which was so yummy.

After going through so many outfits I decided on this one, the black skater dress I felt made me look slim (whereas my pink one made me look like my bum sticked out, which is weird as my bum in tiny and preferably I would like a bigger one). It also makes my waist looks smaller, as I have to be careful as I have big boobs if anything doesn't come in I look like a mammoth!  The cut of the dress is perfect as it doesn't show to much cleavage off just a little and enough for people to believe that you are over the age of 15! (I lost my ID and insidious is a 15, I'm 18 though).

Black is also a slimming colour and I was having a fat day, a real fat day, first day of the month, girls you know what I'm talking about, so I needed something comfy and this was comfy the stretchy material stretched over my boobs which is good and sits in on my waist and flares out! If any apple shaped bodies want something which hide your belly this  is a good style, also good if you want to make your waist look smaller!

What I also loved about this outfit was my knee high socks, I think they are so cute at the moment and I can't get enough of them! Also if I had one of them bowler hats I would so wear one with this, I keep going on about them bowler hats I just love them.

What I'm wearing 

My skater dress I got from Minx a little store where I used to live but now has closed down but you can get skater dresses at, pilot, republic, Literally everywhere does them.

My socks - I honestly have no idea!

Shoes £6 Tesco - bargain.

I also wore my Leather Jacket £52 Missselfridge and my bag £20 Newlook

 p.s my boyfriend decided to jump in the photo!

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

University Style Steals: Be fashionable and take off to a great start this autumn

Links here:

Skater dress 1:
Skater dress 2:
Skater dress 3:

The belt is sold separately on the 3rd dress - Belt £10.99


Comment down below what you think of this style and any other university beauty/fashion tips for people on a budget would love to see people comments or see any other blogs similar to mine. Can do any requests at the moment.

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Good Luck to everyone at university or those about to start, who knows I might be on your course :)


Missguided Autumn Fashion

Its only recently that I have started to become interested in online shopping and scanning the internet for fashion on online shops. But as I got a job, lost some weight and understood my body a bit better I thought why not give it a go.

I have always been interested in fashion and beauty even though I am no where near a model, I loved scanning magazines for the latest trends. I always went into shops to try on clothes if I were to buy something or just to window shop, the amount of times I go into the city leaving my purse at home and just trying on outfits in shops. I'm sure all of you have done it, gone into a shop tried on dresses without the intention of buying. (I've been tempted to go into a wedding dress shop, lets hope my boyfriend doesn't read this.)

I always had to try outfits on as I was scared that they weren't going to fit, I was very self conscious growing up and had a very awkward figure for my age.

To cut the long story short, there are so many good shops online which I have not yet seen a store of!

Such as Boohoo which I featured my last article on and missguided. Also its good for stores which aren't close to where you live.

My picture above features some of the outfits in missguided which I love for a very reasonable price as well.

The cardigan is £21.99 I would dress it with maybe some shorts with some knittted tights and ugg boots for a cute snuggle me look still showing off the shape of your legs, until its to cold for knitted tights and shorts. It could also be paired with skinny jeans and knee high boots and a cute plain top. I would also tie my hair in a messy bun with minimal makeup for a cute carefree got outta bed look.  Get it here

The long sleeved cut away top I am completely in love with for only £5.99. I think this top is a good way for showing some flesh of in the colder months, I got one in the style a couple of years ago and I was inlove with it. I would style this top with skinny dark blue jeans with the hat or with a skater skirt which would create a feminine look with being relaxed, as it is a white top it will go with any colour, perhaps try it with a burgundy jersey skater skirt still keeping the hat or a bowler hat.

Here is some pictures of me wearing it on holiday, sorry for bad quality just incase any of you would like to see - In Belgium Dec 2012

So the last one leaves the skater dress for £11.99 It is in the sale so get it quick, the cute contrasting skater dress can be either dressed up or dressed down although personally as a teenage girl I have a love of skaters as I believe they flatter most figures, but they flatter NOONE in windy weather!! Just a warning: beware of the weather or make sure your wearing nice underwear.

There are cheaper skater dresses on the site but I will do another blog about the basics on there as I believe that they are incredibly cute, but this one is reasonably priced.

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Keep Cosey

As I am searching through new blogs to read and how to make my blog better with a cup of tea I see that I am freezing completely freezing compared to over the summer months which I wouldn't be able to move with out sweating, or constantly getting burnt.

 Earlier I made a comment saying that it looked as though it would be a nice day, I was wrong, well half wrong. The weather changed between sunny and hail, yes hail! So at the moment I am freezing my bum off typing and playing on my mac. My boyfriend is a tight arse and wont spend money on heating, typical student living. So I put on my onesie, yes my bright purple hello kitty onesie which I purchased from primark for only £7 Bargain. Now I already have 2 onesies, but that didn't stop me looking for more cute ones so here we go just for you guys.

If anyone knows me I am a lover of cosy pyjamas and animals. So onesies are perfect, well sort of! 
Being only 4'11 my size 6/8 XXS onesie is still to long for me so I have to keep pulling it up. For anyone of a normal non tiny height this will be great (although didn't stop me wearing them). 

All of these are super, super cute but my personal fav is the penguin, would be the leopard but I already have to kitten onesies. Which one is your fav?

All of these can be purchased from but heres the links anyway

Leopard Onesie £20

Koala Onesie £25

Panda Onesie £25

Bumble Bee £25

penguin onesie £25

Also just saw another really cute one!!!
Cheetah £25

View Boohoos collection here

I'm sure you will all fall inlove with them!!

P.S if they are a bit expensive always check primark if you have a store near you, its always where I go for pjamas and they cost around £12 


Newlook from summer to Autumn

At the moment I am really missing summer, this british weather has now turned dreadful and nasty. There hasn't been one day in which it hasn't rained this week, apart from today (at least I hope it won't rain) So today I am craving to wear shorts and some really cool T-Shirts although, daren't go outside as it will be far to cold, I presume. So I wanted to dedicate some of this post to the sunshine weather from the new look range.

Here is some autumn monochrome looks that are really cute. I am really liking the monochrome range , which is a good look for interviews and more formal events, as they are black and white then you may be able to get away with some of the bags and jackets if your school is rather strict with uniform.  This is all avaliable from new look.

Friday, 13 September 2013

This season I am completely inlove with the bowler hat. I think it is such a cool accessory to have. It gives a very cute french look and great when you are having a bad hair day. Since making this I have see other hats which are much cheaper than the one in the picture, this can be purchased from boohoo £12, river island £20 and Topshop £25. It's been popular over summer and I can see it being popular over the autumn months, keeping your hair from flying around in this wind and rain (which mine suddenly has done!) Great for back to school, college, university. I will certainly return to the bowler hat when I have got myself one.