Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Dress - Made In Preston

To start off I would like to start by saying over the next few months I would like to review a few things I have tried to get a summer body by September as I am going to Greece, this includes Bio-oil, pills, make-up, moisturiser, fashion and more.

For those who have a voluptuous upper half, and not anywhere else apart from little bits that need to lose a few inches and tone up, as I am top heavy. Many people crave bigger boobs but for us 'lucky ladys' we are not that lucky.

It's incredibly hard to find dresses, bikinis and tops that fit properly. Personally I have to buy things in a stretchy material so it will stretch over my lady lumps and come in around my waist.

One of my favourite purchases was Made In Preston's Aztec Skater Dress.

I have had skater dresses before as you can see in my other posts but they have never fitted as well as this one. It comes in exactly where it is supposed to and has enough waist room. I am wearing a Size 8 Fab. The way that it decides what size you are is on your bra size and your high street size. It is very unique and a great way to get the exact size to fit. 

The dress itself is very summery and great for going around town or the park. I wore mine to a date with my boyfriend and felt super comfortable in it. It's very floaty like most skater dresses and on a breezy summer evening you may have a Marilyn Monroe moment, if you know what I mean. However most skater dresses do this. 

I wear mine with some cute sandals, pumps, or even trainers and a denim jacket. 

It has a cute blue and yellow aztec pattern across it which is in the high street fashion for young women ( Teens-Mid twenties ). The material itself is stretchy so you can fit into it without a need for a zip. It is also a racer back which means for me my bra straps showed as I don't have a racer back bra. However I do really like racer backs and think they are very flattering. I'm not to sure if a non-racer would have been better.

I found this dress very flattering and anyone who is smaller with a much larger bust! You need to go to this store it is a life saver. 

It is completely aimed at people my own age (19) Not the normal older ladies; which is something that really annoys me why do people think people with big boobs are much older, I would like to wear a plunge bikinis like everyone else my age not full support bikinis aimed at people in their 40's. I will save this for another blog post about my search for a fun, sexy bikini for a late teen/20 year olds. 

It goes from a size 6-16 so all of the normal high street sizes

So get to 

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