Wednesday, 25 September 2013


This is going to be a rant a full blown rant about ASDA! This is not my conventional fashion blog post just something which I believe is wrong! So this is not really about fashion maybe a little cause its fancy dress but mostly about how stupid and idiotic and distasteful Asda has been.

 Many of you may have heard about ASDA's Fancy Dress Costume - which has now been taken off the website but here is a screen shot of what they have put on there website.

It is absolutely disgusting this stereotype and in the 21st Century you would think that companies should be a bit more sensitive to this issue which 1 in 4 people have. It repels me to even think what was going on in there mind. The sheer disgust by customers and celebrities about this issue has been shown on twitter. After studying Mental Health for my A2 representations media case study and know people with mental issues, I have empathy for these people and a representation such as this is absolutely disgusting. I have also signed up to the charity of mind and pledged to stop discrimination against mental illness and seeing something like this is a regressive stereotype where as we should be moving forward about mental health and talking about it.

Something like this is shocking, so well done ASDA you may have pushed people over the edge. You may have also stopped some people from coming out about having a mental problem, as what they see is how your representing the mentally ill signifies that mentally ill people are all creeps, emotionally disturbed, to be feared and that they will come to kill you. Wow Asda just wow.

It's not just the photo or the costume, its also the degrading tone about mental illness. It just sickens me to think that companies with influence like this are posting such comments and promoting this anti-mental illness.

If anyone is struggling with there mental health there are people that care

Asda have apologised and said that this product is unacceptable but this does not stop the hurt that it may have caused nor stopped the stereotypes of mental illness only increased this and showed it in there stores.

Asda's view of mental illness appears to be very narrow minded and most people are not scared about mental illness and it is NOT something which should be FEARED or ALIENATE those with mental illness.