Monday, 16 December 2013

Animal Cruelty from a fashion lovers point of view

It's been a while since I have posted. Unfortunately I have been really busy with university work, gym and work. However I have got a few new clothes which I would love you to see when I get some pictures but on this post I wanted to focus on Animal Cruelty with in fashion. For those of you how aren't that interested in fashion may think that us fashion addicts are shallow, self absorbed and don't care about animal cruelty. I am writing this to prove this wrong and to also inform other fashionista's about animal cruelty if they aren't already aware.

About a month ago I bought my gorgeous little angora bunny (named him bugsy) and he is my little bundle beloved ball of fluff and joy.

However since getting him I have realised how many shops stock angora fur and recently in the media eye is the shocking story of how they get the fur off of the bunnies. I will not post the pictures because I was personally distressed and brought to tears and unable to read the story but if you would like to read it, it is in the daily mail.

It's not since having a bunny I have been interested in animal cruelty. I had been a vegetarian and have never worn leather or real fur. I always find animal cruelty stories deeply upsetting and I believe that the fashion and the beauty industry should make a stand. There have been various shops which have now stopped stocking angora fur. (topshop, new look, asos, h&m and some more) However there are many store which still stock angora fur. Beauty shops which are vegan are Lush, body shop and Boots no 7 range.

Go to for more information.

I created this poster with the image of my baby bugsy and hope that all of you fashionista (or non) bloggers will copy this image to help stop shops from stocking angora goods. 

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