Monday, 16 September 2013

Keep Cosey

As I am searching through new blogs to read and how to make my blog better with a cup of tea I see that I am freezing completely freezing compared to over the summer months which I wouldn't be able to move with out sweating, or constantly getting burnt.

 Earlier I made a comment saying that it looked as though it would be a nice day, I was wrong, well half wrong. The weather changed between sunny and hail, yes hail! So at the moment I am freezing my bum off typing and playing on my mac. My boyfriend is a tight arse and wont spend money on heating, typical student living. So I put on my onesie, yes my bright purple hello kitty onesie which I purchased from primark for only £7 Bargain. Now I already have 2 onesies, but that didn't stop me looking for more cute ones so here we go just for you guys.

If anyone knows me I am a lover of cosy pyjamas and animals. So onesies are perfect, well sort of! 
Being only 4'11 my size 6/8 XXS onesie is still to long for me so I have to keep pulling it up. For anyone of a normal non tiny height this will be great (although didn't stop me wearing them). 

All of these are super, super cute but my personal fav is the penguin, would be the leopard but I already have to kitten onesies. Which one is your fav?

All of these can be purchased from but heres the links anyway

Leopard Onesie £20

Koala Onesie £25

Panda Onesie £25

Bumble Bee £25

penguin onesie £25

Also just saw another really cute one!!!
Cheetah £25

View Boohoos collection here

I'm sure you will all fall inlove with them!!

P.S if they are a bit expensive always check primark if you have a store near you, its always where I go for pjamas and they cost around £12